AC trigger dust switch
    DC trigger speed control switch
    AC electronic stepless speed control switch

About Chuanmu


Yongkang Chuanmu Electric Co., Ltd.

Yongkang Chuanmu Electric Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yongkang Chuanmu Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It is a professional manufacturer of power tool switches. The factory is located in Yongkang, known as the "Hardware Capital". There are four production departments: injection molding, electronics, automation and assembly , More than 30 assembly lines, the annual production of various switches more than 30 million.

          The company has strong technical strength, and has more than 20 middle and high-level technical personnel of various types of electronics and machinery, advanced technology development software and independent laboratories and mold processing centers. The product development is fast and can meet the various needs of different customers.

         The company has passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification. The company has now developed and produced dust-proof DC switches, brushless switches, trigger speed switches, ordinary mechanical switches, electronic speed switches, and soft-start and constant-power switches. A total of more than 100 products of different specifications

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